Monday, February 11, 2013

Would you have this guy as your doctor?

Infectious Diseases ch 07 12 Lyme Disease - YouTube:

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Update Number 3!!! 3-7-2013:  And he's gone again!  This would be really funny if this wasn't such a serious topic. Doctor Conrad, if you're reading this, It's WAY too late to keep hiding.  Countless numbers of people already have seen your video. You might as well stay public.

Update number 2:  He's back? Apparently he's proud of his work and the college he works for see's nothing wrong with his teaching style.  If you haven't watched this video you really should.

Update:  Video was removed due to whomever put it out there didn't have permission from Dr. Conrad. This post however will remain as a reminder that what goes on in private eventually ends up VERY public.

Ok, this is supposed to be what, an audition? Can this be real? If so this "Doctor" needs to go back to school.  

Lyme disease patients have complained about this sort of behavior from their primary care doctors and even some ID doctors.  

Is having a long term chronic bacterial infection that funny?  I have to wonder about his state of mind maybe?  I've sat in many classes and never saw this from anyone who took their job seriously.  

All I can say is maybe it's time for a new way of teaching that doesn't include poking fun at a very serious disease.