Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cat Scratch Fever and Mental Illness

The Bartonella Epidemic: Your Cat Can Give You Mental Illness:

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   Cats are not the only carriers of Bartonella, it's also transmitted via body and head lice and seen in most part in the homeless population. More information on Louse Borne diseases Here

   The above article states that just over 26% of our population has some sort of mental illness.  Could it be that this Bartonella Epidemic be caused in part by all the abuse our immune systems have suffered?

   I honestly believe those numbers are inflated due to all the antidepressants handed out for pain management and increased diagnosis of mental illness causing unknown illness.  All those "syndromes" that are being treated as a somatic disorder.  Even with bacterial causes there has to be something going on in the gathering of statistics that say that 26 out of 100 people suffer mental illness. That in itself is mind boggling.

   Vaccines, Plastics, Food additives, polluted soil air and water. Are all things that were not part of our everyday exposure a few generations ago.  In our goal to save every life and cure all illnesses and our goal of making lots and lots of money we have actually done the opposite.  Our immune systems are, well were, fine tuned machines. We'd be exposed to something and if we lived that immunity would be passed on to the next generation.

   Polio was tragic for sure but there were survivors. I can't help but wonder that if left alone our bodies would have been able to defend against it in a few generations.  The common cold was deadly for the islanders in Hawaii. Their bodies hadn't fought it off yet.
Even during the black plague there were some that didn't die and just recently there's been a genetic link showing that those survivors passed on the immunity and today those that carry that particular gene are also immune to HIV/AIDS. More Here

I feel we have over done the artificial stimulating of our immune systems and now we have a record high amount of autoimmune disorders, mental illness and Autism to name a few.