Saturday, February 2, 2013

Not Science Being Attacked! Just the "opinions" over writing Scientific research.

Bullying Borrelia: When the Culture of Science is Under Attack:

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This mentality STILL blows me away!! The proverbial "Pot calling the Kettle Black". 

In what era was the medical field allowed to act with such vile contempt towards a group of patients when their only crime is asking for answers? The more we ask the louder and more insulting they become. 

What's being argued about? The term 'Chronic' that's it the whole issue in their mind, oh and long term treatment with antibiotics, which by the way is used to treat TB, Whipple's Disease, syphilis and don't forget acne.

For some unexplained reason it has become a personal attack on them in their view that Lyme disease and other vector borne diseases only require a short amount of antibiotics. They preach the dangers of long term antibiotics but fall short on real answers so, like Auwaerter, become angry and behave like school yard bullies. Accusing the patients and advocates of some sort of conspiracy and calling them "Anti-Science".

Personally, science has been my favorite subject since I was a child. This group of ID doctors that put these defensive attacks out there in such journals as the American Journal of Medicine and the Lancet, is NOT science.

Science has some fundamental rules but as time goes by it is also fluid and ever changing. Many scientific "facts" have become myth later when answers become clearer and the reverse is also true, myth becomes fact.

Our Crimes: 

Asking why we continue to be sick after their recommended dosage and duration of antibiotics.

Asking for us, the patients, to make an informed decision about our course of treatments, whether or not it's more antibiotics or holistic treatments.

Asking for better and more precise testing, doctors ARE relying on the test and NOT diagnosing clinically which is leading to months and in many cases years of being infected with tick borne bacteria doing it's damage.

I am beyond shock when I see these articles written by so-called "experts" saying that myself and others are anti-science and that we are for some unexplained reason trying  damage the medical community.  

Find a Sign in this Picture that is "Anti-Science"