Friday, February 8, 2013

The Fight Against Legislation by the IDSA

Three Bills Seek More Guidelines, Study Of Lyme Disease Testing -

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Glad to see the press getting more of these stories out there. 

The following is the typical whine when something isn't left as is in their "good ol boys" club.

"Eugene Shapiro, a professor of pediatrics and epidemiology at the Yale School of Medicine, is skeptical that a government-created task force would significantly advance Lyme disease research.

"My opinion is that creating political task forces through the legislature to determine medical practices is not a good idea for anything," said Shapiro, a member of the panel that wrote treatment guidelines for the Infectious Diseases Society of America in 2006. "Why would you single out Lyme disease?"

Shapiro said such task forces are likely to be heavily influenced by politics.

"Questions are best answered by scientific studies, not politically created task forces," he said."

My Thoughts:

Task forces have been involved in the medical field since medicine was organized into groups. Breast Cancer required lots of government action to get testing and treatments and information out to the public.

Same for AIDS, advocates had to go to capitol hill to get funding for studies and treatments for the patients. Rabies control is very much working hand in hand with the state and federal agencies.

Why is it that these few doctors working within the IDSA are so protective of their "Turf"?  Why too do I see these type of "poor us" statements in these articles, trying to claim that everyone looking for real answers are "anti-science"?

ID doctors are NOT the target or the focus.  It's not about who studied what, what crimes were committed decades ago, not about egos and most certainly not about grant and research money they might lose.  Lyme disease patients that are no longer leading productive lives and are now crippled because of lack of diagnosis and lack of proper treatment ARE and should remain the focus.

I so wish Shapiro, Wormser et al would get off their high horse and start acting like Doctors not whiny defensive children.