Monday, February 25, 2013

Regarding "Playing Doctor Again In Richmond"

Playing doctor again in Richmond -

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Want a laugh? Read this crazy article above.

   The author apparently had a chat with some IDSA doctor or one of their friends. No source of information, even the writer didn't sign it. The Author asks what next? 

   Apparently the writer didn't study up before writing this. Laws and regulations have been passed in regards to Breast Cancer, HIV/AIDS and countless other diseases to mandate certain treatments be allowed and public awareness be conducted.

   If, as they claim, Lyme disease and the other vector borne diseases are easy to diagnose and easy to treat, then why the fight to keep more information from getting out there. 

   If the information was being given to the patients and their doctors in the first place these laws wouldn't be required. This is also going out to all those doctors that have misinformation that they are telling their patients.

  A negative test two years ago does NOT mean the patient is negative for life. A negative test right after a bite does NOT mean the patient isn't infected. A negative test and a rash does NOT mean the patient is not infected. It goes on and on. The numbers of patients NOT getting that diagnosis until major damage is done is staggering.

   It is more than apparent lately that the IDSA and those that condone such disrespect towards patients have not actually spoken to any of them to know their suffering. The tag line in their campaign this year is that we, the patients and our doctors and the advocates that stand up for those who can't speak for themselves, are Anti-Science. 

   What have we done?  Well, for starters we had been bitten by a tick or flea or mosquito that carried a bacteria that is destroying out bodies and our lives. We asked some hard questions, like "Why am I still sick?".  We want to try different treatment ideas to see if we can get some relief, for that we need 'Informed consent' between us and our doctors. We need the insurance companies to cover prescribed treatment. Sounds like some pretty anti-science stuff eh?

   We give them such a difficult and time consuming pain in the rear for asking for better tests and better treatment choices. This is the worst disease to try to play "cookie cutter" or "one size fits all" medicine.

A few of the "Political" laws in medicine:

"Fact Sheet for Vaccination Information Statements"

AIDS Legislation:

Womens Health and Cancer Rights Act: