Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Writers Hall Of Shame

Writers Hall Of Shame:

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                                  Writers Hall Of Shame 

The days of honest, non-bias, responsible reporting is nearly extinct. Money, ratings and the need to stand out above the crowd seems to mean more to these people than what is right.

To publicly snicker and mock any group of people in my book does NOT make a good writer. These people have shown us all the path to selling a magazine or how to garner ratings but they have not shown integrity in the articles they are peddling.

Dan Rodricks

Baltimore Sun and advocate for the IDSA
His Article here:

His Facebook Page:

He became an expert on the subject of lyme from what he read on the ALDF website and even copied it to his notes Here:

David Whelan 

Writer, Forbes Magazine
Wrote 2007 article trashing lyme patients and their doctors.
Read it here:

 Laura Helmuth 
               Slate Magazine
Formerly Head Science Writer for Smithsonian Magazine

Read what put her here at this link:

Stephen Budiansky 

Running an anonymous webpage and this is one of his rants. Enjoy reading.......

Kent Sepkowitz, MD

Belittling the lyme disease situation and therefore belittling the patients as well.

Mitt’s Bizarre Lyme Disease Offensive: