Sunday, February 3, 2013

Here's a story that gets repeated over and over again.

"Over the years, as the various false diagnoses piled up and Lopresto’s symptoms worsened, doctors struggled to find an actual cause, highlighted by the January 2011 episode that could have killed her."
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Hillsdale resident battles Lyme disease for more than a decade  - Hillsdale, MI - - Hillsdale, MI:

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   Campaign like articles are written by the ID doctors stating that after treating for Lyme disease, doctors should be looking at other possibilities for the continued symptoms.

   Quite the opposite is more often the story of many lyme disease patients. So many doctors across the country miss the symptoms that would say the patient is suffering from a vector borne illness and that patient won't even be tested.

   I first became infected in Southern  California. No doctor tested for anything except mono and strep, I was treated symptomatically. Doctors there are under the belief that Lyme is only an east coast problem.
   Arizona up in the mountains living among the deer, deer mice and elk are ticks a plenty, I was told after removing several ticks to just watch for a rash and clean the area well. He stated that since we aren't in Colorado or back east I had nothing to worry about. I got even sicker as time went.
   Kansas is also an area where Tick borne disease doesn't exist  I became very ill while working at a hog farm in a Cattle feed lot.  Many of those cattle came from all over the country and surely the hitch hiking ticks came along. Still, never tested while living there either. Ended up not able to work due to what my doctor at the time said was wear and tear arthritis and an anxiety disorder.  LOL! who wouldn't have anxiety living in pain and exhaustion 24/7 for years on end with no diagnosis.
   Now, I'm in NJ, went to an internal medicine doctor who said my symptoms fit me having a severe case of some sort of vector borne disease. Lyme disease is common in this area so he ran tests for that. Oh My! my tests came back positive for lyme disease and a couple of other infections. I was treated for awhile but I still have pretty much the same symptoms and it's been almost 3 years since I had the IDSA's "Excellent Antibiotic treatment".

   I have read their claims that if caught early there is a good chance you will be cured with their recommended protocol.  Not a single mention of what to do if, like thousands of other people out there, what you have is missed for months to decades, as in my case.  Doctors only know what they read up on and apparently there's an ID doctor at the Bethesda Medical center who strongly believes that you can only get lyme during certain times of the year. Some of these doctors are stating things as fact when there is no such thing in the guidelines.

   I feel, instead of an anti-patient and advocate campaign, the IDSA should just answer our questions and send the word out to more doctors that it's wise to test for vector borne illnesses even if the belief is that it doesn't exist in that particular area.  We know that birds fly, deer migrate and mice travel on airplanes therefore so do the ticks that feed on them.

Early treatment is the Key, but diagnosis is lacking.