Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fear is Our Way of Life

Fear sells...............and it's big business when it comes to pharmaceutical companies and many other manufacturing companies.

  If you think there'll be a big pandemic and you may die unless you take a pill or get a vaccine you will follow the 'Herd' and dutifully obey orders. You would think a blind man could see the sales pitch but nope, the masses fall prey to commercial hype and fear mongering. 

  Fact is we don't escape this world alive, fear of dying is big money. Life insurance policies, seat belts, drugs, and vaccines all are supposed to shield us from inevitable death that gets us all at some point. 

  I've been seeing lots of hatred aimed at those that don't want vaccines for their children or themselves. "you're evil, stupid, dangerous, bad for the herd" etc etc. 

  More people should question the validity of some of the vaccines that are being pushed onto people. Sure there's some very effective ones used against Highly deadly diseases but what of those for, at one time normal childhood diseases? 

  Someone pointed out for example that measles can be fatal and that the WHO stated that 122,000 people globally died from that disease in 2012. So here's the way the numbers really work. The world population was 7.06 billion in mid-2012. What percentage of the world population died from measles? The answer is less than 1% of the entire population of the globe or .0017 percent to be exact. I'm totally dumbfounded by those numbers, which btw is typical of other vaccines forced on our children. 

  We've monkeyed around with a perfect system, our immune systems. Then of course chemical in plastics, pesticides in everything, air and water pollution and more have totally over worked that perfect system. I still would vaccinate for polio, smallpox and a couple of others but after those we went way overboard and are still pushing the limits of what our bodies were built to do.

  Say what you will about "anti-vaccine" people but how else do we explain the 50 fold incidence of autoimmune diseases, ADHD, ADD, Crohn's disease and more. How do we not bat an eye at the "One in 80 children have Autism spectrum". 

  Follow along dutifully those "experts" selling you more and more vaccines, drugs and modified foods without question and this is what we've gotten so far.