Thursday, September 8, 2011

Making Progress

  Today I finally figured out how to add my links to my page. That is progress man! LOL, I feel like a snail trudging through the wilderness of the blogging world. Unless you have a bunch of followers and people willing to comment, you are pretty much on your own figuring stuff out.

 I'm pretty proud of myself today and everyday that I manage to make some small gain, whether here on a blog spot or just in my life. I did figure out that I do need pictures to post on here so the next bitty step in my progress will be incorporating pictures with my posts.

 I'm going to have to make some more videos for my 'Everything Food' page. That, I'm sure will be great to watch. Well, that would depend on the kinda day I'm having. I do tend to make a mess and drop stuff and forget what I was going to do next, sure makes following a recipe mighty interesting.

 Well Lordy Lordy, looky what I just figured out. LOL, sometimes I am convinced that having a certain amount of ADHD is a blessing.

Well that's the kitchen, now where the heck is that camera!