Monday, September 12, 2011

Beautiful Words From a Beautiful Friend

Ripple of life, peace and love

by Carolyn Booth Thomas on Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 10:35pm

In life I think we are influenced more than we realize by the world and people around us. Circumstances that at the time seem so unfair or difficult are all just a way of preparing us for the future. We are gently formed without realizing to face what lies ahead. Each simply a reflection of the ripple of what our futures may hold. A person that may have played a part in our life was a situation we would meet again, this time with greater understanding and caring that comes with age and experience.

I believe the strength I have, may have been a direct result of the many tears that fell. So I cannot have regrets. But now in the time of greatest need I have the strength to face lifes challenges, had life been a bed of roses.... would I be able to have lived through the thorns that tear through my body and soul on many days? I think not. Had I not seen the extent of human suffering so early would I have the empathy I now have? certainly not, or at the very least not known how best to deal with it.

I am told so many times I have the right words for certain situations a compliment for which I do not always deserve, had I not faced so many I would be speechless. So I have to say the rocky paths I have walked have helped shape who I am.
I do not claim to have lifes answers, many lifetimes would be necessary for that! We spend so much time fearing our parenting is not perfect...was mine? no.... was anyones perfect I am sure not so. I beat myself up daily on what I should have done differently today, but the realization hit me. I survived. Doing my best I cannot always protect my children from the challenges in life. Cannot live life for them. Will they listen to the advice nooooo. But in years to come the ripple effect will certainly come into play and hopefully the difficult times will have prepared them as I was prepared.
So tonight I go to bed with a clear concience for once! I am not perfect nor is the world. I am doing the best I can and it just has to be good enough for today.

Being as today is 9/11 I cannot say that such a tragedy could possibly be a necessary lesson. It is what it is a great tragedy. I can only hope and pray the survivors have found some healing and peace and that the rest of the world certainly has experienced the ripple of love, sadness and togetherness that comes from so many losses. That the world yearns more than ever for peace and that even the hardest heart is softened by the tears that have fallen. It is humbling even in our darkest hour to imagine the children that lost parents, parents that lost children, families that every year have a chair unfilled with someone that they loved. My heart truly goes out to all. Tonight the air is thick with the feeling of sadness but hopefully with the gentle whispers of prayers for those in pain. Let there be a united thunder in the night air to the world and all that reside within it for peace and love.