Sunday, September 25, 2011

I feel my IQ shrinking

            Can it be possible? Can I really feel my brain shrinking!

     I've suffered from Lyme disease for many many years but it seems like as I get older the symptoms take over and don't recede like they used to.  Neurological Lyme for me is more unbearable than the joint and nerve pains it brings.   

     It seems that I'm having more days of not being able to think one foot in front of the other.  Really getting annoyed because I have projects want to be involved in but I've not been very reliable these days.  I get a good start it seems then I fizzle, mentally crash and that is getting more and more noticeable.  I volunteer to help with things and the tiniest of stress throws me out of whack and loose my momentum.  How is it that others seem to be able to overcome this?  

Well, I've decided to try some programs I saw online that claim to boost your brain power.  
Crossword puzzles used to be one of my favorite pastimes but I can't remember any answers nor can I comprehend what I'm reading to be able to answer them. So, it's off to look for "Brain Games" and see if I can slow the damage down or at least train other areas of my brain to compensate. 

     I went to Lumosity . The site has you answer some questions and sign up for a free account. After answering some questions they give you an exercise program. Only catch is, you only get 3 sessions free, then you would need to pay a membership to follow the rest of your program. I went ahead and did the first session and it kept me interested enough to go ahead and do the rest of my 'Freebie' program.  

    Do I look smarter yet?   
I will be adding to this post as I find more worthy sites to use to help exercise that grey matter.  

I want my brain back, I'm not done with it yet!