Wednesday, May 1, 2013


  Well here we go, just in time for Lyme disease awareness month. For just a moment lets forget all about Lyme disease and how it is proven to cause brain infection and damage.

   What this study suggests is the same old "if you don't see it, it's not the cause". ANY infection to the brain can cause Autism Symptoms. They campaigned hard and won over the scientific community when they "proved" no link between Autism and vaccines.

   Blows my mind, and I'm sure many others are also scratching their heads in this logic. "We don't know the cause of Autism, MS, ALS, FM etc etc but we do know it's not caused by vaccines or Lyme Disease"

   Pray tell how they are determining what doesn't cause Autism but can't say what it is causing it? These Infectious Disease researchers (whom, we could guess who they are) are hell bent on deny deny deny. If they deny Lyme disease could cause the damage that any other spirochete bacteria can do then just maybe it will go away?

   There's a problem with that thinking and that is the longer they deny the more people become infected and crippled. The more people in that boat the louder they will get. Why not just roll up the sleeves and work with the ILADS experts and drop that game of "me first".