Saturday, March 9, 2013

Discussion of Lyme History and Basics

   This is a very informative video you should share with your Doctor or health care provider. For more information about Lyme Disease and other diseases a Tick may transmit here are two very valuable sites. formerly known as the California Lyme Disease Association. 

                          Joseph J. Burrascano, Jr., MD - Lyme Disease History and Basics.

The following is from:

"Joseph J. Burrascano, Jr., MD is a well recognized specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and associated complex infectious diseases, and the chronic illnesses that accompany them. With over two decades of experience and research in this field, he has appeared in and on virtually every form of media, has advised the CDC and NIH, testified before the U.S. Senate, an armed services joint subcommittee, and at various governor's councils. A founding member of ILADS, he currently is an active Board Member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Foundation.

His current areas of interest include his ongoing project, The Lyme and Associated Diseases Registry™ which follows each selected patient from the beginning to the end of their illness, to try to divine out what the various symptoms mean, which tests are worthwhile, to identify the medications and treatments that have the highest likelihood of curing the illness, and to uncover any possible drawbacks to treatment. In addition, he is actively involved in study of the newly discovered retrovirus, HGV, thought to be associated with chronic neuroimmune diseases, including chronic Lyme. Finally, his lifelong interest in nutrition has come to bear with his present consultative work with various nutritional supplement suppliers.

No longer in clinical practice, Dr. Burrascano works full time in the biotech arena to further medical research in tick-borne and other chronic illnesses."