Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Controversy of antibiotic use. Only in Lyme Disease.

Lyme disease treatment sparks controversy - York, Pennsylvania: "Hartenstine, 58, of Fairview Township, is going through a controversial treatment involving prolonged use of antibiotics. The medical establishment doesn't consider it valid, saying extended use of antibiotics could do more harm than good."

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   Why do the words 'Controversial treatment' only get used when speaking of Lyme disease treatments? There are worse and what I would consider more controversial treatments for other ailments, such as Chemo therapy.  

   Long term antibiotics are used for other conditions such as Whipple's Disease or Pulmonary tuberculosis even acne gets treatment with low dose long term antibiotics.  
Repeated courses of antibiotics are also used to battle the syphilis bacterium which is in the same spirochete family as the Lyme disease bacterium.

   The medical establishment they refer to in the article is whom?  My doctor believes in treating until you are cured or recovered from the infection.  That used to be standard practice years ago with those very same "established" medical community saying that the reason we are seeing an increase of antibiotic resistant bacteria is due to the patient not taking a full course of antibiotics or not effectively killing off all the bacteria.  As the surviving bacteria reproduce in the patient it changes to become resistant.  

   I remember TB had a huge problem with patients stopping the antibiotics short of the 6 months then recommended and the result was a new strain stronger than before.  STD's have also evolved resistant strains that were then explained by the patient not taking the full course of antibiotics.  This makes total sense really, if ALL the bacteria is killed then new strains could not evolve.  

   Some where along the research line it became a standard to give patients a 10 day course of antibiotics for pretty much all types of infections.   In my observation it seems to go hand in hand with the increase of "super bugs", the only way to achieve that "super" status is that the bacteria was not completely killed off in just 10 days of antibiotics.  

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